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Those plugs for the center-rear have to be soldered. Also, "small" and "Radio Shack" aren't unambiguous. Radio Shack sells several "small" bananas, but only one kind will fit. Finally, I think the jumpers may not work, because they may block the hole into which the plugs go. I used two pairs of the special bananas on my center-rear and connected them together. The design of the connections on the center-rear leaves a lot to be desired.
Right, I was just being vague. I have the P/N. Also, I'm not sure what you mean about the jumpers not working.

There's a little art to putting the wires onto the regular banana plugs. Since you will be doing a goodly number, it's good to have wire strippers. It's important to strip the wire back just the right amount. Too little, and they will tend to come off. Too much, and the wires will cover the threads, making it difficult to screw the connector body on.
Any clues or a link to a guide as to how much that right amount is?

It would be a good idea to buy speaker wire that is color coded. That way, you can always attach the red banana to one color and the black banana to the other and not have to worry about whether you are getting reversals when you connect up.
Already ordered the sound king from partsexpress, not sure if they are color coded.

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