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Jumpers, etc.

Originally Posted by Zoma
Right, I was just being vague. I have the P/N. Also, I'm not sure what you mean about the jumpers not working.

Any clues or a link to a guide as to how much that right amount is?

Already ordered the sound king from partsexpress, not sure if they are color coded.

The speakers come with short, thin jumper wires, both ends stripped and tinned. The "banana" jacks are recessed into the body of the speaker, so there isn't a sight-line through the holes in the pairs of jacks. And the holes are fairly small. If you are using speaker cables with fat copper (12 GA, in my case), it's extremely difficult to thread both the speaker wires and the jumper wires through the holes. What I did is buy two pairs of the special "banana" plugs. I made a pigtail about a foot long out of 16Ga wire, soldered a 12GA and a 16GA to a Red, and another to a Black. Then I soldered the other ends of the pigtails to the other pair of plugs. Plug into the speaker and you are done -- and the next time you change something, you don't have to redo it.

I didn't measure the amount of insulation you have to strip off when installing the other kind of banana plug. Did it by eyeball. You want the copper to fold over the connector body juuuuust to the threads. Less and it is likely to come loose. More and the copper gets in the threads and makes it hard to tighten. It really, really helps to have a wire stripper.
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