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Originally Posted by Poo
What are the pros and cons of having the reiceiver feed into the high level inputs of the sub and the front speakers connected to the high level outputs of the sub? Doesn't this seem to provide more integration?

Also, I tend to look at movies for hours upon hours. Wouldn't this 'overheat' the sub's amplifier? If so, can I aim a small fan on the amplifier to help dissipate the heat? I am nuts about overheating. My computer has 8 fans and loud as heck!


With modern Dolby Digital receivers, the crossover is handled digitally and all integration is handled there. Both the high pass crossover and the low pass crossover duties are handled and easily changed with the receiver controls--even the remote control often.

The disadvantage of having the integration handled by the subwoofer is that more cables back and forth are needed, without better results.

As for the heat issue, a fan is not needed since most of the time, the full power of the amplifier is not called upon. Also, since we are using BASH amplifiers, there is very little heat.
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