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to expand on this question a bit -

I have just purchased the VTF-2 with a new set of Ascend Acoustics speakers for my home. I am using the speakers with a NAD T760 A/V receiver. I plan to use my setup for both stereo music and 5.1 surround with movies. I have the VTF-2 plugged directly into the subwoofer out on the T760.

If I switch the T760 into "Stereo" mode I tend to lose the VTF-2 and I only get sound out of the R/L Ascend fronts. Although that does sound somewhat logical to me, I was definitely hoping to use the sub in tandem with the fronts when listening to music only content.

Is this a normal tradeoff or is this somehow particular to my receiver? If I use pre-outs to the R/L ins on the VTF-2 and freq adjust will that result in a system that allows me to switch more fluidly between the two output modes?
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