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Thanks ilikeitdeep, that was helpful.


I found this to be exactly the case. My NAD T760 does NOT have bass management in two-channel stereo mode. Their newer lines do not have this issue btw. I can also confirm that other makes/models (including Rotel), especially from 4 years ago or so may have the same issue. The following is from an old, archived faq from the NAD site about this issue. Sasha, of the workarounds listed, which do you think will produce the best results with my new sub? No. 2 is too much hassle I think.

(I'm also considering a new receiver. How do people feel about Harmon Kardon?)

How should I set up my subwoofer connections with the T760 to operate the subwoofer for stereo recordings as well as home theatre movies?

There are three options, made necessary by Dolby Lab's configuration of the Dolby Digital chip:

1. Attaching both the speaker level outputs and the coax subwoofer out to the powered subwoofer gives you full range sound in stereo mode and the .1 effects channel in 5.1 surround modes.

2. Call up the set-up menu in the On Screen Display, and set "center" to "off" and set "surround" to "off". Exit the set-up menu. Select the EARS surround mode. You will now have stereo with the sub out active.

3. You can also use bass management Preset 2 and attach the subwoofer to the two front channels via speaker level inputs as you would for a strictly two channel system. This is also a good setting to use with "powered towers"; full range speakers with active subwoofers built in.
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