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You might be able to hook your sub up to your "B" main speakers on the reciever. Keep your fronts on the "A" speakers. This will do two things. It will allow greater flexibility with sub placement without quite so much cable, and it will allow you to easily turn the sub off by turning off the B speakers.

Of course this assumes that your reciever puts out identical info on the A and B speakers, and will let you run A+B while doing surround sound - it may not (my Onkyo 600 will not).

Option 2 is not as much of a pain as you might think if you have a programable remote with macros. I have a TV with a widescreen mode that is great with 16 x 9 anamorphic DVD's, but takes about 14 buttons to access on the remote. I just programed a macro to do all of that with the push of one button.
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