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Originally Posted by Phonzo07 View Post
Yes, I would like to know also. I have been playing with it for months now. Switching from .5 to .7.. Almost never .3 because I like/want DEEP bass... 0.7 gives me the deepest. , but I lose a bit of Punch. I wonder what is the consensus for movies as that is when I mainly use mine for. I understand .3 is mainly for Music. I can't vote yet as I have been all over the place. Maybe I just need to measure the response in the room first. Hmmmmmmm....
I've measured the different Qs in my room and the lowest few Hz will rise a couple dbs at .7 which isn't a bad thing.

There also seems to be a sound preferrance between them. It seems to me that .3 is more controlled than .7 to my aging ears.

That's based in my room of course.
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