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I was playing with this yesterday and yes it can get tricky to pick a favorite. For example, I even tried 2 ports open at .7 (and .3) vs 1 port open at .7
2 ports open offers more mid-low base impact for some scenes where you can tell and moving to .3 just makes the bass tighter which for music I really liked if I want to go wild and loud.
On the other hand, movies with ULF stuff then suddenly were missing that awesome extra feel\sound that I have with one port and .7 (or even .5).
My room gives me good spl down to 12.5Hz so for me this makes a big difference but I also think some movies with less deep bass and more music, maybe something like Mamma Mia (havent tried it yet with the 15H but I love ABBA and the movie..sue me! lol) I am thinking will be better with 2 ports and .3 or even sealed.
Gosh now I got something to try today.

So overall that is the beauty...we can make it our own sound to fit our preference or material. The doc gave us the joys of having a choice.
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