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Originally Posted by Sputter View Post
FYI, MCACC doesn't do anything for subs cept distance and spl. No eq below 63hz.
That's it's lowest EQ manipulation point, but do you know the Q of it's boost/cut? I honestly don't, and haven't found any documentation on it, but I've measured in-room level differences as low as 50hz by manipulating the 63hz point.

At any rate I think what's probably happening with the manipulations I've done is that the Q of .7 brought up the very, very bottom end, the lowering of the volume brought all of it down a notch, and some bizzaro reinforcement with the mains is now gone with them set to Small.

I was noticing last night on some really specific music selections that the whole thing sounds a lot less... I dunno... stuffy? in kick drum transients and resonances. I really had to listen close.

I honestly haven't had the time to go through it all with the level meter again, and since here in about 3 weeks it's all getting torn down, moved and rebuilt because of new furniture... kinda pointless.
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