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Originally Posted by Alleric View Post
That's it's lowest EQ manipulation point, but do you know the Q of it's boost/cut? I honestly don't, and haven't found any documentation on it, but I've measured in-room level differences as low as 50hz by manipulating the 63hz point.

At any rate I think what's probably happening with the manipulations I've done is that the Q of .7 brought up the very, very bottom end, the lowering of the volume brought all of it down a notch, and some bizzaro reinforcement with the mains is now gone with them set to Small.

I was noticing last night on some really specific music selections that the whole thing sounds a lot less... I dunno... stuffy? in kick drum transients and resonances. I really had to listen close.

I honestly haven't had the time to go through it all with the level meter again, and since here in about 3 weeks it's all getting torn down, moved and rebuilt because of new furniture... kinda pointless.
you should be able to see the Q(bandwidth) F(frequency) and ATT(attenuation) if you go into:


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