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So I ran Audyssey again today.

First I did something different. I turned the volume knob on the sub upto about 11:55. With the knob at 11oclock my Marantz SR5010 would calibrate the sub to either 0db or -.5db. this time the sub came in @ -2.5db. I bumped up the sub in the menu to 0db. I left the sub 4" port open and EQ1. I played some 80's rock (UFO No Place to run) and noticed a dramatic improvement. I then move the Q to about a hair over 5. Now it was nice and tight.

We watched the new transformers @-15db oh man YES it's there. Most of listening is between -22 to -15 for movies and most music. For some afternoon unwinds I'll take it up to -10db for some relaxing music.
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