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Thank You Dr Hsu

Back around 1992 I was looking for a sub woofer system that could supply the bottom octaves and keep up with my Klipsch La Scalas with VTL Compact 80 monoblocks. I purchased a pair of your 7 foot tall HRSW12s and drove them with a pair of NAD 2400 SS amps in bridged mono mode, claimed 800 wpc short term. The result was a system with dynamics that were just incredible and the bass measured flat in room down to under 20hz WOW. System kept my neighbors hating me for way over 20 years till I retired, sold everything, and moved to FL.
Two weeks ago I received my new Hsu Value 2 5.1 system with Rosenut speakers. Like your HRSW12 this system has totally wow'd me and is providing performance way beyond it's price range. Being driven by a Pioneer 80wpc 5.1 receiver total system performance is amazing. The High End front end is a custom built Linux based music server with many High Def files in 24/96 and 24/192 plus a thousand Red Books, then streamed bit perfect to a Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DAC-HP Amp-PreAmp then analog on to the receiver.
I've heard many systems costing 10s of thousand of dollars many times that I don't feel would put my new Hsu speaker based system to shame. The satellite speakers sound stunning and the Rosenut finish on them is beautiful, don't how you produce them for the cost. The STF-2 woofer makes the walls pulse in this new small FL home I have and I'm continuing on my reputation of be the most highly disliked person on the block. LOL
You've done it again in the affordable price class and given me a system that now at my age may just possibly be my last. LOL

PS, BTW, last I heard after having new surronds install on the woofers your HRSW12s are still kicking ass in the system of the gentleman I sold them to and he is very happy. Almost 25 years down the road and still kicking out them organ pedal notes.

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