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Kudos Once More

I've had the Value 2 5.1 system for little over a month now and just had to give you kudos once more.
I saw Jurassic World in a IMax theater when it first came out but wanted to see it again at home and hear it on my system. I rented the BluRay last night and couldn't believe the quality of sound it delivered. The vocals were very clean and detailed and the bass incredible. I pulled out my RadioShack sound meter and was seeing 106+ spl on the dinosaur foot stoops etc. with no signs of overload or distortion, didn't seem like I was pushing it hard at all with my little 80 wpc AVR
Just incredible sound for $1500 delivered in the beautiful rosenut finish.
Thanks again for supplying more quality per $ than I ever thought possible.
This system will be my pride and joy for many years to come.
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