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Monster arrived at Singapore

Hi Pete,
Got all my enthusiast 2 package + 2 more HB-1. Hope you still remember me the trouble maker from Singapore, that was unhappy you recommended the enthusiast 2 package instead of the enthusiast 3 to me.

This thing is so enormous, I am glad there is no damage shipping it half way around the earth. However, after opening I discovered there are some white marks on the sub not sure whether they are scratches, will try to clean it off, just fixed it up yesterday not very sure about everything yet, didn't play it fully worried about the settings don't want to damage anything until I called Pete this morning (Singapore time).

Yesterday, I played a rock music for a short moment and it shook my apartment/flat . Man, this is Singapore and all our apartments/flats are built on breaks. I just hope those staying below me don't complaint that they felt tremors, you know this is asia and we are currently having lots of earthquake in this region.

Anyway, thanks Pete for attending to my phone call appreciate it so much. You know I am just a layman, I will take sometime to explore this monster, it need sometime to burn in, and will let you know how it goes. Thanks for putting extra foams into my packages.
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