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Hello everyone, I live in Canada and I just bought one of the HSU subs (VT3 MK5). THe sub is awesome and I instantly fell in love. I am now considering the CCB-8 but I have a few questions for people who already own them. Because I am in Canada, I have no way to demo these speakers and Hsu also does not offer a return (trial) policy for us canadians.

1. I read some reviews where some people said the speakers are bright. Although its subjective, I am afraid it will sound harsh. For e.g. I dont like ribbon tweeters as I find they are a little harsher for my ears. I felt Martin Logan tweeters were harsh for me. Can anyone add any thoughts on how it compares to other speakers?

2. Do I haVve to be worried about the directionality of the speakers? I have 2 rows of seating and I want the sound to be available appropriately to both rows. Does anyone have a similar situation and can throw some light on positioning?

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