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HB-1 placement

Years ago when I bought these speakers I followed your 1:1.26:1.60 placement recommendation, except I used the woofer height, 33.5", as the short dimension and set them 53.5" from the back wall and 44" from the side wall.

Now, I am re-arranging my room and got to wondering whether there might be some reason why you suggested the other setting. Is there something that makes it better?

On a related issue, when I designed my listening room (25 years ago!) I used a ratio of 1.62 all the way around, having read somewhere that this would greatly reduce room peaks and nulls. I turns out I have a sharp dip around 32hz but the room is otherwise pretty flat. Therefore, I wonder if you know how 1:1.62:2.62 would compare to 1:1.26:1.60, and in either case, whether speaker height would be best at any one of the three ratios?
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