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Issue with VTF-3 MK4

Sub sits under a shroud, untouched, where it's sat for around 5-6 years. It's worked fine during that entire time. I never touch it. It gets signal from a wireless rca bridge. The transmission side of said bridge is connected to the sub/lfe out of my receiver.

Today I replaced my receiver. Audyssey chirped it and set it fine. It was functional for about 1 hour after. From that point on, when given signal it's firing, but just very, very quietly. Like under 50db quietly. The sound level it does achieve is achieved as soon as you turn the volume up the slightest bit, and then stays at that low level through the entire rest of the volume knob.

This happens with the signal from the receiver and bridge, from the headphone out of an ipod directly plugged into it. It plays, but it's super quiet and it sounds like it's clipping like crazy.

Touching any of the toggles causes obvious ground shorts, pops, crackles, and sometimes the sound cuts out completely.

I've run a sweep from my phone, 1hz to 100hz to test. I've done this numerous times before, it's just been years since. What used to try to shake the drywall off the studs at 15hz basically sounds like a blown Ampeg bass head.

So these haven't been made in like 4 years. What's the chance you guys have some spare amps for this thing laying around?
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