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hi Kevin, the volume is set about a 1/4 way on each sub. I am also using a preamp and amp. I set the system up with a sound meter and have the subs set at 80 hz . I set the volume at 78dbs on the preamp and then turned off the amp and set each sub at 78dbs. the room is 11 feet wide by 22 feet long with 8 foot ceilings. both subs are in the corner of the 11 foot wide wall and the speakers are out from that wall about 4 feet. the sealed ports seem to tighten things up better but maybe the subs are over lapping my speakers bass which goes down to 48hz ? should I try lowing the crossover freq. and reset with the sound meter thoughts ? I also use the stereo pink noise [uncorrelated]to set the volume on the preamp to 78dbs is that correct?
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