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You don't hear it, you feel it.

Originally Posted by Calypte View Post
I've spent some time over in AVSForum, and I saw a number of posts from Mr. Sorny.

My main interest, the reason I'm thinking about another sub(s) is LF extension. It's very hard to compare advertised LF extension specs for subs of equivalent driver size (say, 15") and design (ported vs sealed). You see something like "16 Hz +- 2 db" vs "14 Hz +- 3 db." Sure, 14 Hz is lower than 16 Hz, but does this mean they are actually about the same at 16 Hz, and that they are actually about the same at 14 Hz, since the drop-off tolerance is greater for one than the other?

Now, I'm aware that notated classical music rarely, if ever, drops below 16 Hz (the 32' pipe). Playing the Saen-Saens and The Planets with my VTF-3 Mk 4 gives me a good shake. But I've read that the "Irene" scene in "Blackhawk Down" and the simulated T-Rex footfalls in "The Great Fantasy Adventure Album" (Telarc) have signal below 10 Hz. I'd like to hear it. But I don't think any 15" sub can do it.

Were I to decide for twin VTF-15 Mk 2 subs, I would wait until a relaxation of Covid restrictions, since I can drive to Hsu Research HQ to avoid shipping costs.
When you get in the lower frequencies (below 15-20) it becomes more of a "feeling" than a hearing thing. I have been running two VTF-15H MK2's for over 5 years and am still blown away at the power and accuracy. None of the other smaller subs I have owned have produced the sub 10hz frequencies like these do. My room is 2900 cf BUT is a loft that dumps the sound into a 6400 great room and beyond into the rest of the house. I do plan to wall off the loft soon and can't wait to hear the difference in a "sealed" room.

Two of these would be the perfect fit for your room size. I'm not sure you will find the same ability to port tune and Q adjust your subs with other brands. I do like to tinker so have made further adjustments with a miniDSP unit.
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