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My wife and I went to the show on Saturday and had a great time. The Hsu room was our first stop - not only because it was a familiar brand and Pete is a great guy, but also we wanted the t-shirt, too. I've always had a high regard for the brand, company, and Pete so I made it a point to make a beeline to their room.

I attached four pictures - one shows the left side of the room and also the playback equipment; two shows a relaxed-looking fellow stretched out in a chair; three and four show some of the products they were exhibiting. Excuse the poor picture quality - it's not the camera, it's me.

Pete demonstrated a couple of movie scenes to show off the VTF-15, including a scene from Star Wars (I think it was the 4th movie) and a scene from the Haunting. Let me tell you, the VTF-15 puts out some serious, room shaking but tight and clean bass. All my wife could say is "you don't need another subwoofer." True, I don't. I'm happy with my VTF-2 Mk 3 but it wouldn't be so bad to have the VTF-15, too. I had to ask Pete if he had more than one sub going, but he said it was just the VTF-15.

He also played some two-channel music, including a track from a Cheryl Bentyne CD I had brought. The HB-1 Mk II's in conjunction with the VTF-15 sounded very good - clean, and detailed, with a nice soundstage and instrument placement. The speakers had special discount pricing for the show which made them an even better value. The HB-1's were probably the least expensive speaker in the entire show but sound-wise they held their own and were better than many much more expensive models. My wife liked them, too, and also liked their appearance. She goes for wood over the piano black finish and kept saying how the piano black in the other rooms looked cheap (even though my own speakers are piano black).

The speakers were able to play loud without getting harsh. You can't touch them for the price and like I said, they compare very well with much more expensive speakers.

Something else I wanted to add - Hsu probably used the cheapest source/playback equipment at the show, too. This is not a knock on them by any means. Others were using really expensive CD players, computer files controlled with an iPad, esoteric tube preamps and amps, etc., along with cables the size of boa constrictors (I kid you not - some of the cables looked absolutely ridiculous) but Hsu used "basic" stuff and it sounded just fine. It goes to show you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to get really good sound.

Thank you for being such a gracious host, Pete! I hope you got to meet a lot of your customers and also acquired a lot more customers from the show.
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