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My wife and I made our way to the HSU room later in the day Sunday. First thing my wife said to me was, "It feels like home." I must say it really did. We listened in a lot of rooms, and I partially did it that way on purpose. Where others were dark and cold, HSU's room was warm and inviting. HSU was on the forth floor at the end of the hall next to the stair way, and its no wonder! This room was definitely rocking and the bass was legendary. We left so many rooms wondering where did everything under 70Hz go? Well we found it at HSU. The Event planners must have known if HSU wasn't near the most fortified part of the building something was gona break. Here is my contribution to the event pictures [Dr. Hsu in the captain's seat]:
[Shown in attachments]

I think I might be slowly getting the wife on-board with a VTF-15 [Rosenut], HA, well we will see where that goes! Currently have VTF2-MK3 in Espresso.

I thought I would go ahead and throw in what I though was one of the best sounding setups at the show [MBL reference system]:
[Shown in attachments]

Thanks to everyone from HSU for making the show great [and enjoyable for my wife]!
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