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I used to listen to music more than watch movies and I still do. As of today, music is 70% and movie/game 30%.

For stereo/karaoke system, I liked the sound of my B&W DM601s3 over the Ventriloquist V-12 but when I coupled the mighthy B&W speakers with the VTF2-MK2 sub, music has taken a new dimension of bass I haven't felt before. Another reason is the VTF2-MK2 sub is very musical too.

For movie/game, though I have to share the VTF2-MK2 between the 2 systems stereo/HT, I have to give credits for the Ventriloquist V-12 which just makes watching movies and Xbox games with DD/DTS encoding the way home theater/interactive entertainment should be. Yes, it has boosted movie/game time by 15% more than before. At first, I did not plan to buy this marvelous satellite system but end up buying it without hesitation after I have seen how good the sub is. In my personal opinion, coupled with the VTF2-MK2, the Ventriloquist V-12 is simply best with movies though it is also good for surround music too. But you don't want to mix the 2 worlds : stereo/surround which also required different receivers. But don't be surprised, in SACD/DVD-A playback, Ventriloquist V-12 perform also nicely.

But with new technology to come, expect more time to listen to music and watch movies.

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