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Originally Posted by Peter Marcks
Hello jhferry,

There is no reason to be suspicious at all. We cannot profitably sell VTF-3MK2's in rosewood at $699 unless we limit our liability in other areas. Any unit that has a full 30 day guarantee has potentially added costs for us. This is because returned units have a full refund of the original purchase price, but still need to be classified as lower priced B-stock items, so we ultimately receive less money for the unit when it is later sold. We also need to pay for repackaging and storage of the returned subwoofers. All of this costs money.

These $699 rosewood units should actually be worth more than $699 in the used market. They are brand new, and well-finished. At this price, this is a great investment.
So it makes me feel better that it's brand new and well-finished..that's what I'm looking for.
You cann't return but the sub is under warranty correct? I guess that's the bottom line since I know what an HSU sub sounds like...I'm impressed. If I buy, more than likely I won't return...if I return then it's the finished that I'm worrying about...based on feedback...the finished is good and people liked them. In that case, $699+shipping sounds good
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