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Rosewood blemishes

So it makes me feel better that it's brand new and well-finished..that's what I'm looking for.
You cann't return but the sub is under warranty correct? I guess that's the bottom line since I know what an HSU sub sounds like...I'm impressed. If I buy, more than likely I won't return...if I return then it's the finished that I'm worrying about...based on feedback...the finished is good and people liked them. In that case, $699+shipping sounds good. /QUOTE]

I already have a VTF-3 MK1 in rosewood. I just ordered a VTF-3 MK2 in Rosewood. Obviously I'm happy with the sound and like the appearance of my current sub.

Before placing my phone order, I quizzed the sales person about the finish. He reported that the piano-black top is flawless. The issue has been that there has been a staining flaw in the Rosewood in about 5% of the units. This staining flaw represents as a slightly lighter spot of small size (perhaps a half-inch). He reported that it took careful examination with controlled lighting to detect the flaw. But those that had the flaw were, by definition, not perfect.

The subs that are on sale are fully warranted for performance, just like all other Hsu subs. They just can't tolerate having people order for home test and then return at these levels of discount prices.

It appears the -3R MK2 stock is depleted. I have an email from Dr. Hsu saying that they are waiting for new stock from the vendor and may not be able to ship my new sub in time for Christmas. Which is OK, because this is not a Christmas present.
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