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Old December 24th, 2022, 8:36 AM
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Incoming Hybrid 3.1 system - placement recommendations

Hi All,

I've finally ordered and expecting my new 3.1 system (Hybrid 15 w/CCB-8) - after waiting many years, and having followed Dr. Hsu's innovation ever since I read an article as a teenager about a new sonotube based subwoofer - some 25+ years ago. I've been a home theater and audio geek forever, but I am still deferring to the masses here for some advice on placement of the system. Thank you to the HSU sales team for helping with all the questions etc to get this over to me in Ontario, Canada over the holidays!

I have a finished basement, not acoustically treated and definitely not ideal dimensions etc.

I've attached a rough diagram of where I plan to place items, based on a recent trial run with my existing components. I plan do do some measurements and perhaps a DSP later, but for now, the screen will be hung on the wall, next year a motorized screen is coming in to the mix, sitting about 1-2 feet away from the wall.

My biggest concern are the CCB-8's - I don't have the space to place them 3-4 feet away from the front wall and sides, but I think I can get away with a 1 ft clearance as shown. They will be temporarily mounted about 1ft off the floor - but later will be on stands at ear level at the MLP. I did read up about toeing the speakers etc, that I can accommodate.

My current system set up is as follows (* indicates future upgrade):

  • Amp: JVC RX-817 HT amp - 100W RMS/channel w/ sub out
  • Projector: BENQ HT2150-ST
  • 120" fabric screen, mounted on the wall directly
  • Sub: VTF-15H MK2 (previously a 10SW Klipsch)
  • LRC: CCB-8 (previously off brand bookshelf's w/4" woofer 1/2" tweeter - 50W RMS)
  • Screen: Elitescreen motorized or similar Acoustically Transparent 120' 6:9 screen*
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Old January 16th, 2023, 9:30 AM
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Hi there,

Not sure if you have given us a call or sent us an email in regards to placement, but for the sub, I think back left is a good way to go. Not sure how far you are from the front wall, but it looks to be maybe 18ish feet. If so I think nearfield would provide a better mid-bass punch and impact and given the distance to the front wall and the opening to the right, that may give you a smoother deeper bass as well. The speakers do not need to be 3ish feet from the walls. I know the manual sort of outlined that placement but that is more of a best case scenario. It's more of a theoretical placement option and it would be the same even with other speakers. The CCB-8's are really no different than most other speakers in regards to placement so if you can only keep it 1 foot away from the walls, that should be perfectly fine. Just note that with any speaker, as you move it closer to a wall, that may provide you more boundary gain and could possibly cause the speaker to sound more boomy and lower bass tends to be more omnidirectional than the mids and highs. Your receiver autocorrection or using the port configuration on the speakers can help in keeping your bass response under control so it wouldn't sound as boomy.
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