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Old February 6th, 2005, 3:21 PM
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Need help: Is my setup correct?

I have a Panny XR50, VT-12 and a Yamaha YST-SW215 sub.

I have the VT-12 setup from the receiver with filter set to 100. Unfortunately (unless I just haven't discovered it yet) there is no way to set the filter to 80hz as suggested on this board. I am also working on the assumption that the filter on the Panny XR50 is it's proprietary term for "crossover". It only has 3 settings, 100, 150 and 200. The center and L/R satellite fronts are set to 9ft away from the couch.

Via the XR50 sub-out, I then have a coax running to my SW215 sub using Y connectors to supply both sub inputs. On the sub I have set the crossover to 100hz as well or at 12:00. The sub is at the far right corner of the room and set to about 11ft from the couch.

As for the surrounds, nothing special. They're about 7 feet away from the center of the couch with the satellites tilter 45 deg towards the center of the couch and the rear center directly towards the center of the couch. Due to space issues, I can't setup the surrounds based on specific suggestions here.

I am using some Home Depot 14g wire for my setup. For the plugs its a combination of the ff:

banana plugs from pe.com
banana plug for rear center from rs.com
flat pin connectors from rs.com (for the spring clips on my XR50)

All VT-12 speakers are set to small.

1. Has anyone here used a Panny XR50 with the VT-12? Have you found a way to set crossover to 80hz? Is it ok to leave it at 100hz?
2. Is it ok to use a regular coax cable for the sub or will I get better results buying a "subwoofer cable"? Arent'y they just plain coax cables?
3. Will there be any difference if I try to set the crossover on the sub to 80hz eventhough on the receiver, the lowest the filter could go is 100hz?
4. Is my hook up on the fronts + center + sub correct? Some are suggesting that on my speaker B (XR50 has speaker A/speaker B option for the fronts) I run another set of wires to the sub.
5. I also wonder why given this setup I can't change the level on the front L&R satellites. All I'm able to set is the center, surrounds and the subwoofer. Is this because with the VT-12 the L&R fronts are routed via the ventriloquist center?
6. I'm not sure if this can be answered here but I get audio dropouts when I turn a light on or some other stuff at home. People are saying my coax cable from the DVD player (LG 3510a) to my XR50 is not magnetically shielded. Is this true? Would I get better luck using optical cables from the player to the receiver?

Thanks for looking! Any suggestions on how I can improve my setup will be highly appreciated.

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Old February 7th, 2005, 5:36 AM
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1. Has anyone here used a Panny XR50 with the VT-12? Have you found a way to set crossover to 80hz? Is it ok to leave it at 100hz?

I can help you with the first question. I had a Panasonic 6.1 model (just sold it) and the crossover or filter settings were just like yours. Dr. Hsu suggested using the 100hz selection on the Panny and (in my case I have the VTF-2 sub) setting the subs crossover at 90 hz. You can play with the In/Out and Polarity setting on the sub to see which sounds best. I am expecting a new receiver tomorrow (Harmon Kardon 235) it has the 80hz setting and a lot more.

This upgrading thing is mind boggling sometimes. I should discontinue my A/V subscriptions for a year or two (he,he).
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