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Old February 22nd, 2017, 6:05 PM
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Speaker Advice

Hi Everyone,

I am planning to remodel my basement this year which will include setting up my home theater system. Currently I am using the majority of equipment I originally purchased for my first set up.
Currently I have a pioneer sc-65 receiver, polk monitor 50 towers, polk psw110 sub, polk center and surrounds.

While I don't mind my polk speakers I feel like they are lacking, maybe partially due to being a lower priced series for polk audio, and largely to too small under powered subwoofer. It was my first subwoofer purchase. I have researched multiple brands, reviews, and I am convinced HsuResearch is the solution for me. I want my new set up to be a long lasting set up that I am satisfied with. I am looking at dobly atmos set up with the space I have a 5.1.2 might be most logical to at least start with. I have attached a layout of the area I am working with.

Suboofer or subwoofers?
With the space and dimensions I have is 1 ULS Hsu Sub going to produce all of the Home Theater impact and bass required or would two still be recommended. I know that the space is significantly smaller than the cubic feet for the ULS sub, but I have read about the benefits to have 2 subwoofers.

Dolby atmos:
The second attached layout is 3d, unfortunately I have a HVAC running through almost directly over my main listening position. This is why I have decided if I go with atmos it would be a 5.1.2, but I am still concerned about the affect the HVAC below my ceiling level. Would it be smarter to invest into a 7.2 system or a 7.1.2 system?
I know dolby atmos would require upgrading my avr, but I am planning on doing that regardless.

I apologize for the length of this post, I have been researching and thinking about this a lot and look forward to the advice everyone brings to the table.
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Old February 27th, 2017, 10:16 AM
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Are you planning to use your rear speakers on stands or mount them? If you use stands, you can still make due with a 5.1.2 system. Just place your rear speakers on stands slightly behind your two-seat couch one against the left wall and the other in the open area but along the virtual right wall with both facing the listening area. The Atmos speakers can be wall mounted a few feet from the ceiling beneath the HVAC but above the height of the rear speakers as to still provide a great Atmos effect facing down into the listening area.

With your concern if your speakers or sub are under powered, I believe your sub is the problem. The psw110 is probably a good sub, but a great sub can improve even a decent system. I have Polk speakers myself (CSi5 center, RTi6 fronts, and Bose 161 surrounds). I had used a BIC America V1220 with my system and swapped it out for a STF-2 which made my system sound significantly better. The V1220 is a good sub for music, but the STF-2 is that much better, especially for movies.

One ULS might be good enough. You can place it in the front corner to the right of your TV. You can also place it near field in the "corner" in-between your two couches. Purchase one and see if it provides enough response. If not, then buy a second one and place each one in the spots that I mentioned. I am no expert though. Everyone's room and tastes are different. I hope this helps.
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Old March 3rd, 2017, 7:15 PM
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Thanks for your reply. I am planning on stands for my rear speakers. So I think I'll plan on staying with 5 surrounds and the ability to add more later. Thanks for the input on the atmos speaker mounting tips.

With the sub, I have been exploring both the sealed and ported subs. I wish there was an easy solution other than trial and error I feel with a lot of sound equipment. I think both subs are more than capable of performing to my needs. I want that great theater punch and feel. But I also like the idea of a do it all sub for great music. If I could run two sealed and achieve the same thrill or for my mainly cinema use better to stick the ported subs. I also think the sealed sub will be a little easier for the WAF.
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Old March 4th, 2017, 10:44 AM
A/Vbuff179 A/Vbuff179 is offline
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I'm glad I was able to give some insight. With your concern of sealed or ported, any of the HSU sub options are great. I think it is a matter of personal tastes and the amount of floor space the sub can take up. I have a STF-2 that is great for music and even better for movies very "quick" deep bass and not sloppy at all. This sub is only a 10" with a 200w amp.

Their newer model subs are all updated models with even better performance. If WAF is a concern, the ULS-15 mk2 in my opinion would be an awesome sub for music and movies. Here's a link to an informative review on it with examples of music and movie material. http://www.hometheatershack.com/foru...k2-review.html

The ULS-15 is a 15" sub with a generous surround on the driver which allows for extreme excursion and produces a lot of output. Not to mention it has a 600w RMS amp with 2000w max.

HSU's ported models are all VTF (Variable Tuning Frequency) models. These allow the user to tune the Q-control of the sub to the sound they like (anywhere between punchy and full bodied) from their listening position and 3 modes; two-ported, one-ported, or sealed. Even the ULS-15 has this type of Q-control tuning options and can be used as a "normal" sub or a mid-bass module.

I think if you place any of the subs in the "corner" in between the two sofas like I mentioned in my last post, you will get the "feel" that you are after regardless of the room size. If you visit their office, HSU has their demo room set-up with the subs to the sides and rear of the listening positions. Hope this helps.

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