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Old March 6th, 2013, 12:47 PM
Phonzo07 Phonzo07 is offline
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Dayton Ultimax 15 Driver in (VTF-15H)

Hey Guys,

I took this subwoofer from my uncle that was gonna build himself a subwoofer. He decided not to and had this sitting around for a few weeks and bought a Outlaw lfmEX-1. I told him I would try it in my subwoofer (Vtf-15h) to see how it sound. I'm a little nervous of opening the sub and changing the Driver.

Is the enclosure big/good enough for this woofer? What do you guys think? Do I need more power? If it's gonna cost me more money, I'm not gonna mess up a good thing for a few extra Db's. I take it it;s almost like building a big box, but I took it and don't wanna waste it especially since it's new. lol
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Old March 10th, 2013, 9:03 AM
Donkey545 Donkey545 is offline
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I think that you will find that the Dayton woofer will work in the enclosure of the 15h, but it will not be on par with the performance. The Hsu is designed with the woofer, amplifier and enclosure as a whole system. this means that the properties of each component are used to balance out the others.

You can see from the Dayton specs:

• Vented 6.0 cubic ft. (net internal, not including driver or port volume) with 6 lbs. of Acousta-Stuf tuned to 18 Hz with two 4" diameter by 26" long flared ports for an f3 of 22 Hz. Larger cabinets and lower tuning frequencies are possible. The largest recommended cabinet is 10.5 cubic feet tuned to 16 Hz using two 4" diameter ports that are 21" long for an f3 of 19 Hz.

that you can put this driver in the vtf-15h enclosure which I am estimating to be about 6.0- to 6.4 cubic feet of internal volume, but the tuning of the enclosure may be off. Keep in mind that, if you go ahead with the experiment, you need to make sure that the driver impedance of the Dayton matches that of the Hsu if you have a DVC version of the dayton. Also, remember that the Hsu drive weighs alot and can be difficult to remove.

You may be better off making a sonotube style enclosure like the original Hsu subs. The enclosures are really cheap to build, can look sleek when done right, and perform nicely.
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Old March 13th, 2013, 1:43 PM
Ryan_Hsu Ryan_Hsu is offline
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As mentioned earlier, you will need to make sure the driver impedance match.
Even if the driver impedance matches I still wouldn't recommend using the VTF-15H with the Dayton driver. There will most likely be a difference in the frequency response of the drivers, and the VTF-15H amp is designed/EQ'd to work with the VTF-15H driver.

Although the VTF-15H driver isn't extremely heavy, you will need to exercise caution removing it, but you don't need to worry about breaking your wrist.
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Old March 14th, 2013, 11:28 AM
Phonzo07 Phonzo07 is offline
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Member Since: Sep 2011
Posts: 20
Phonzo07 is on a distinguished road
That's ok.. lol I've decided to pass on that one.. I say to myself, Why mess up a good thing. With the curiosity I have, I'm gonna try to find/buy or build a box for this driver. It's Free, and I highly doubt my uncle would send it back. I have it and gonna convince him to let me keep it for a project.

I was just curious though as the specs look like they were compatible.

Thanks, a lot for the info fellas..
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